Microscop Levenhuk MED 20B Binocular

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Levenhuk MED 20B Binocular Microscope is designed for professional research of the microcosm at magnifications of 40 to 1,000 times. It uses semi-plan achromatic optics that minimize chromatic aberrations and significantly flatten the curvature of the field of view. This microscope is an excellent acquisition for the microbiology department, medical laboratory, or research institute. A binocular head is perfect for lengthy observations because you can look through the microscope with both eyes. The visual part features a 30 inclination angle. The trinocular head is 360 rotatable: this feature is useful for group research. If you need to show a specimen to a colleague, you only need to rotate a microscope head instead of moving the entire microscope. Wide-field eyepieces provide 10x magnification and allow for adjusting diopters in order to obtain an image that is as sharp as possible. The coarse and fine focusing allows for adjusting image sharpness. Both focusing systems have a low pitch and allow for setting up a microscope for complicated observations. A revolving nosepiece contains four objective lenses; 40x and 100x objectives are equipped with spring-loaded frames. A 100x objective can be used for observations using oil immersion (vial of special oil is included). The eyepieces and objective lenses are protected with a layer of anti-fungal coating. A double-layer stage comes with a mechanical scale. The lighting system consists of a lower light source and Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm and filter holder. A 20W halogen bulb is used as a light source. The light brightness is adjustable. The light is powered by an AC power supply. In addition, this microscope allows for setting up Kahler illumination. Features: Binocular laboratory microscope Semi-plan achromatic optics, magnification of 40x to 1000x Anti-fungal coating of all the optical surfaces Halogen light powered by an AC power supply Kahler illumination is available The kit includes: Microscope base with a stand 360 rotatable binocular head Semi-plan achromatic objective lenses 4x, 10x, 40xs, 100xs (oil) with an anti-fungal coating Wide-field eyepieces: WF10x/18mm with an anti-fungal coating (2 pcs) Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with an iris diaphragm and a filter holder Filters: blue, green, yellow Vial of immersion oil Halogen bulb (6V/20W) Fuse (2 pcs) Power cord for microscope Dust cover User manual and lifetime warranty